The sky is Falling

The sky is Falling
The sky is Falling!

I just bought toilet paper on Amazon. I didn’t buy a roll! I bought twelve! Are we so far gone, that I have to Prime toilet paper? Toilet paper doesn’t prevent the Corona virus, soap and hand sanitizer does.
So who started this shitstorm? Did some on Wall street decide this is how they would make their fortune? This is not a dysentery pandemic, so why the shortage of paper?
I went to three Supermarkets today, and I saw 6 rolls of paper towels, one pack, six rolls! That is when I decided that I might as well try Amazon. I am a Prime Customer, let it roll.
Naturally, I am not the only deer in the forest, on Amazon, several name brand items were already sold out, only the generic products had stocks on hand.
I saw a Youtube video of two women fighting over toilet paper a couple of days ago and thought that these ladies have lost their minds…I don’t know? I could take on the winner if you get to keep the rolls.

They say beggars can’t be choosy. I had no idea that it would apply to toilet paper or I would be doing a blog on toilet paper…the END must be near.