5 people at TIBIDABO…







142 Euros is not bad for 5 people at an Amusement Park for all the rides. Not Bad indeed! That’s what we paid at Tibidabo, in Barcelona Spain. Tibidabo, also called the Magic Mountain, is located on the highest spot in Barcelona: 512 meters. Therefore, it allows you a wonderful view of heaven.

We drove there, parked down the hill in the village and walked up the hill to Tibidabo. There are parking outside the gate, if you have a car. We didn’t have to wait! We just walked up and bought our tickets. Showed our tickets and were in.

Get this! They had LOCKERS to put your stuff in!. You can take your own lunch, place it in the locker, get it when you need it, find a bench and chow down! We kept going back and forth to put all the things we collected during our visit; Photos, free rain jackets, and souvenirs.

Tibidabo is an Amusement Park built in 1889. It’s antique! Don’t expect Bush Gardens. It is a family park circa 1800.The attraction is the view for me. The rides were extra. The Park is built on several levels going up the hill toward the Temple de Sagrat Cor. The view kept on getting better has I went higher. Naturally, I took the same photos over and over because they kept looking better the higher I went.

The views from the church are breath taking and you can climb all the way to the top of the church. They have a statue of Jesus on top of the church; It can be seen for miles and miles!.

Torre de Collserola
This is the telecommunications tower that was constructed during the 1992 Olympic, it has an observation deck and a restaurant.

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